Facilitating Strategic Planning

Are you a freelance facilitator who is looking for new ideas or frameworks to support groups with their Strategic Planning?

Has your Board recognised the need for a Strategic Plan, but are unsure how to work through the process?

Would you like some simple tools for making sure everyone can work through the process together?

Facilitating Strategic Planning is a 1-day workshop that simplifies the Strategic Planning process and gives you some practical frameworks for facilitating it well. Whether you want to facilitate Strategic Planning for your own organisation or you want to help other groups do it well–this workshop is for you.

In this 1-day in-person workshop, you will:

✅ Get clear about what Strategic Planning is and why it is important.
Strategic Planning means different things to different people. We’ll unpack the purpose of Strategic Planning and explore a range of frameworks you might use to develop a useable and effective Strategic Plan. There’s more than one way to map direction.

✅ Explore behind-the-scenes considerations and get clear about what can happen in-the-room.
There is more to Strategic Planning than a couple of workshops with lots of post-it notes. What pre-thinking might need to be done, so that any workshop time is used well? What decisions need to be made before a Strategic Planning workshop even begins?

✅ Discover simple activities that ensure all voices are heard.
When you have a group of passionate people with diverse opinions, it’s easy for the whole process to be high-jacked by the loudest voice. Discover some simple activities that ensure all voices are heard and robust discussions can happen in a positive way.

✅ Learn how to support groups to find agreement and make decisions.
There’s more to decision making than sticky dots! Explore a range of decision-making frameworks that make it easy for groups to find alignment and make complex decisions in the planning process.

This workshop is full-on and fast-paced. You’ll leave with a good understanding of what Strategic Planning is and have a bunch of new tools and processes you can use to do it well.


Next workshop to be confirmed


Next workshop to be confirmed


Members: $497.00 +GST
Non Members: $595.00 +GST


Biggest aha was the 6 Layer framework and getting clarity around what’s involved. It was clear, informative and easy to stay engaged.

Miha Brown


This workshop has changed how I will structure strategic planning and support groups in the process. Enjoyable, confidence-building and full of treasures of knowledge.

Haidee Kalirai

Welcoming Communities, Tauranga City Council

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