Become a Master Workshop Designer

Do you want to be able to design great workshops and meetings, regardless of the type of session required?

Would you like to be able to design your own interactive activities that help demonstrate core principles for your session?

Are you looking for new tools, activities, structures and processes, so you can keep your meetings and workshops on-track and on-time?

This bootcamp is for facilitators and trainers who want step-by-step support for planning and facilitating effective meetings and workshops.

In this 6 Week Bootcamp, you will:

✅ Discover a simple framework for planning effective meetings and workshops.
How do you design a session that takes participants on a logical journey, while keeping them engaged and participating along the way? What do you need to keep in mind to ensure the workshop or meeting is a brilliant success?

✅ Gather a range of tools, activities, structures and processes.
If the only tool you have is a hammer, you’ll treat everything as if it was a nail. However, if you fill your toolbox with a range of options, you can mix-and-match to create a truly purpose-built session. Discover a range of activities that you can use in various situations.

✅ Learn how to design your own interactive activities.
What if the perfect tool or activity doesn’t exist? Learn how to design your own interactive activities that demonstrate key principles or illustrate a point. Discover how to design activities that allow participants to experience the concept–not just talk about.

✅ Get practical techniques for managing workshop challenges and disruptions.
Not everyone arrives at a workshop with an open mind and ready to engage. Discover simple ways to challenge behaviour, disrupt power dynamics, and keep the workshop on-time and on-track.

This bootcamp is 6 weeks of exploring workshop design through the lens of your own context.
Throughout the journey you will get loads of tools and templates that provide step-by-step support for planning and facilitating effective meetings and workshops. Plus, there’s time to explore the questions and challenges that are important to you.


Next workshop to be confirmed


Next workshop to be confirmed


Members: $749.00 +GST
Non Members: $995.00 +GST (For our international friends, that’s $1144.25 NZD including taxes)


What a wonderful six lessons of learning and growing! I most enjoyed sharing stories with others and learning from their experiences and insights. There is such a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon, and I really felt like it was a safe space to share, ask questions and seek help.

Carley Nicholson

Resilience Trainer, Coach and Facilitator

I absolutely loved this programme. A bloody good investment in your business, yourself and your clients. Incredible value for money if you want to learn more about the art of creating relevant and effective training/facilitation sessions.

Carly Shorter

People Realm

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