About Us

The Facilitators Network is a specialist agency that helps facilitators connect, learn and grow together. Whether you’re a facilitator in private practice, or someone who leads meetings and workshops as a part of your larger role, we can help.

We offer in-person and online training, as well as a Facilitators Club where members get ongoing support and regular bite-sized learning. We are passionate about helping facilitators succeed and are continuously developing programmes that help you get better at your craft.

How we got started.

The Facilitators Network was founded by Kerri Price, an award-winning facilitator with 23 years’ experience working across the private, public and community sectors.

The more Kerri facilitated, the more she realised that many facilitators had often ended up in their role by accident. She began mentoring new facilitators who were ‘learning on the job’ and started thinking about how she could support more facilitators, in more ways.

The Facilitators Network was founded on the belief that when we work together, everybody wins.

We believe that great facilitation can help change the world, and because we can’t be in every community, hosting every conversation, on every topic—we want to support other facilitators to do that well.


practical training


Whether you participate in one of our trainings, or become an active member of the Facilitators Network, we want you to consistently get more than you came for. We strive to be generous with our time, our knowledge and our resources, and our hope is that we give more value than you expect.

fresh ideas


In order to support you to be fantastic facilitators, we need to be fantastic facilitators too! It’s not enough for us to be good at what we do, we want to be great at it. That’s why we’re committed to ongoing professional development and we’re constantly looking for ways we can bring more and deliver better. We want to be—and grow—facilitators who are outstanding at their craft.

ongoing support

Authentic Relationships

At the heart of The Facilitators Network is a commitment to authentic relationships, where people can genuinely connect with each other. While some people may dip in and out of the network, our hope is that people will journey together and actively create a community of practice.



Facilitation exists on a spectrum.

It’s easy to get caught up about what defines facilitation and sometimes there is great debate about the training vs. facilitation divide. At The Facilitators Network we believe that facilitation exists on a spectrum, so if you lead group discussions of any kind, then chances are facilitation is a part of what you do.

✅ If you chair meetings, lead workshops or host community conversations—you are welcome here.

✅ If you run planning days, idea jams, feedback loops or engagement sessions—this community is for you.

✅ If you often find yourself pulling groups together and managing discussions so that things actually get done—you are a facilitator. Welcome aboard!


Great facilitation is a journey.

It doesn’t matter whether you have been facilitating for decades or you are just starting out, there is always room to get better at your craft. Our services are designed to support facilitators wherever they’re at on the learning journey, and we believe that even experienced facilitators have room to grow. The key is to stay curious and recognise that you don’t know what you don’t know.

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