Meet Kerri Price

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Kerri is an enthusiastic facilitator with experience working across the public, private and community sectors. She has facilitated over 1800 meetings and workshops, and has worked everywhere from conference centres to church halls, board rooms to factory floors.

Over 20+ years, Kerri has used her facilitation skills to deliver skill-based training, as well as the facilitation of process and conversation. If it involves bringing together a group of people to discuss, explore, debate, decide and ultimately take action—then she has probably done it!

Kerri is passionate about making a positive difference in the world and believes that great facilitation can help create change where it matters most. She also recognises that she can’t be a part of every conversation, in every community, about every topic—which is why she started The Facilitators Network.

Her vision is for a world full of skilled, confident facilitators who are having conversations that matter.

If you would like to grow your facilitation skills or grow your facilitation business, Kerri wants to help you do it. You can email Kerri directly on or reach out to her via Linked In.


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