Facilitating Through Challenging Behaviours

Do you regularly facilitate meetings or workshops where there are strong opinions and diverse personalities in the room?

Are you looking for simple strategies that will minimise the risk of challenging behaviour, personal agendas and internal power struggles?

Would you like tools for addressing inappropriate comments and poor behaviour in a way that deescalates the situation and keeps everyone engaged?

Holding space for diverse opinions, perspectives and personalities is not without its challenges, but there are some simple tools and strategies that can make navigating challenging behaviours less daunting. In this workshop you will:

Learn how to minimise risk of challenging behaviours.
As with most things in life, prevention is always better than a cure. Explore the importance of creating S.P.A.C.E in a meeting or workshop environment and learn how to create that space before the session even begins. Good process beats personality.

Explore the importance of alignment.
If people are unsure about the purpose of the meeting or their role within it, it’s hard to keep a meeting on track. Discover effective frameworks that ensure everyone understands the purpose of the meeting and the parameters of the discussion. Plus, learn simple strategies for addressing situations when the conversation is taken off-track.

Learn simple strategies for addressing challenging behaviour when it occurs.
Even with prevention strategies in place, challenging behaviour can still enter the room. Learn simple tools, strategies and frameworks for addressing poor behaviour head on, while still maintaining the safety and integrity of the session.

Gain confidence for dealing with tricky behaviours—no matter what they might be.
You can have all the tools and frameworks in the world, but you need to be confident to use them. Explore your role as a facilitator and get comfortable with exerting ‘generous authority’ when required.

This workshop is full of practical tools and ideas that can be implemented in various contexts. You will leave with proven techniques and a new found confidence for tackling tough situations.

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Next workshop to be confirmed


Next workshop to be confirmed


Members: $497.00 +GST
Non Members: $595.00 +GST


You always bring practical tools and strategies to your workshops and I enjoy your style of relating to everyone in the room. I’ve already had lots of great feedback from the team this morning and they’re already thinking lots on how they apply the techniques in their different situations. The local government sector can learn a lot from you.

Peter Boyd, Team Leader Community Development, Taupo District Council

Awesome ideas on dealing with different situations and difficult people. Lots of ‘that so makes sense’ moments. Positive, helpful, meaningful.

Ma Isherwood, Community Engagement Partner, Taupo District Council

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