Discover Your Facilitation Superpower

As a facilitator, having lots of tools in your toolkit is useful, but not as useful as knowing who you are as a facilitator. How do you show up in the room and why do you show up that way?

And when we say ‘show up’, we’re not just talking about your facilitation style. We’re talking about your values, drivers, triggers, worldview, experiences, strengths and perception of conflict. How does all of that show up when you’re in-the-zone? And how does all of that show up when you’re under pressure?

If you want to really hone your craft as a facilitator, you need to get inside your own head first. Why? Because everything you experience with groups in the room, happens through that filter.

Discover Your Facilitation Superpower is a one-day retreat for facilitators who want to explore the inner workings of their facilitation practice in more detail. We will start to unravel some of what makes you awesome, and some of what might be tripping you up!

In this one-day retreat you will:

✅ Identify your Top 5 Strengths and how they show up in your facilitation practice.
Using the Clifton (Gallup) Strengths tool, we will explore your Top 5 Strengths and how they influence the way you approach facilitation. How do your Strengths impact the way you approach clients and generate work? How do your Strengths determine the way you design and deliver workshops? Why do some things about your practice come easier than others—and what can you do about it?

✅ Get clear about your personal values and drivers.
Most facilitators like to think they are completely neutral in a room, but your personal values and drivers are always at play. What core principles and beliefs drive the way you respond to changing group dynamics? How do your values and drivers influence the way you respond to conflict? How do you remain open and curious when your own values are being challenged—and what is your tipping point?

✅ Discover how your life experience influences your facilitation practice.
When we walk into a room, we bring a whole lifetime of experience with us. How do the people, industries and experiences you’ve been exposed to shape your view of facilitation? How do those experiences give you an edge in your practice and how might they negatively impact what you’re trying to achieve?

This is your chance to reflect on your facilitation from the inside out. Anyone can have tools and techniques, but developing a deep sense of self-awareness is your facilitation superpower. This one-day retreat is a space to figure that out for yourself.

This retreat is strictly limited to 8 participants. Register early to secure your space.


Next workshop to be confirmed


Next workshop to be confirmed


Members: $497.00 +GST
Non Members: $595.00 +GST

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