12 Hour Online Festival of Facilitation

Our in-person festival was so much fun, that we thought we would bring some of the magic to an online space. Our 12 Hour Online Festival is full of interactive sessions that explore the fundamentals of creating connection and discussion online.

With 9 sessions throughout the day, you can come and go as you please, participating in the sessions that are of most interest to you. Plus, you’ll get a festival pack full of all the best tips from the day AND a bunch of downloadable resources you can use in your own online sessions.

Registrations are limited, so register early to secure your space.


7am – 8.15am
Setting the Scene: Exploring Online Introductions and Icebreakers (Gwyn Wansbrough)
Get to know your fellow facilitators while at the same time experimenting with a bunch of different icebreakers you can use online. A great session to fill your icebreaker toolkit.

8.30am – 9.30am
Experiment with ‘Below the Surface‘: An Interactive Card Game that Sparks Meaningful Conversations (Carly Shorter)
‘Below the Surface’ is becoming a firm favourite for facilitators in an in-person setting, but how does that play out online? Spend an hour experimenting with Below the Surface online and consider how you might use it to spark meaningful conversations in your own context.

9.45am – 11am
Experience Design: What brings a Workshop to Life? (Kerri Price)
Mayo Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” In this session we’ll look at the wider picture of creating workshops as an experience, not just a training or development exercise. How do you create experiences where people leave feeling connected, valued and inspired to take action?

11.15am – 12.15pm
Workshop Design Using The Transform Deck (Terry Pearce)
Coming up with new activities – or choosing the right activity for your workshop – can often take a lot of time, but not with The Transform Deck. These cards contain 45+ activities you can mix and match to create a simple workshop design for your context. Discover how they work and have a play with a simple online version.

12.15pm – 12.45pm
Lunchtime Open Space
Grab some lunch and meet up with some new friends in a break out room.

12.45pm – 2.00pm
Busting the Yeah Buts: Tools to Help People Think Differently (Kerri Price)
It’s doesn’t matter how many times you say ‘no idea is a bad idea’, our brains are still wired to think in patterns. Discover some simple exercises that help people move past the yeah buts and into a space of thinking differently. If you run sessions where people need to problem solve or plan for the future, these tools will be super-useful.

2.15pm – 3.15pm
The F Word: Let’s Talk About Feelings (Rebecca Frazer)
Whether you’re talking about leadership, team culture, change management or something else – there will always be emotions attached to a situation. Before you get to any actions, it’s helpful to create space for participants to talk about how they feel – and how they would like themselves and their team to feel – moving forward. In this session, Rebecca will share some of her favourite tools for getting people talking about the F word.

3.30pm – 4.30pm
Discover Your Facilitation Superpower (Kerri Price)
You can have all the tools in the world, but if you’re not bringing your authentic self to the room, there will always be something missing. Spend an hour uncovering your unique facilitation superpower, so you can use the right tools, in the right way for you.

4.45pm – 5.45pm
Q&A with Facilitator Friends
Listen in to some candid Q&A with 3 facilitators who are working in different places and spaces. What have they learned along the way? What would they do differently if they were starting over? And what’s their one piece of advice for you? Bring along your own questions too!

6.00pm – 7.00pm
Wrapping Up Well (Kerri Price)
Your chance to reflect on the day and catch up on what you’ve missed. Take part in some reflection and review, so you leave the festival ready to take action. What are your final thoughts and first steps?

This online festival is more than a bunch of online workshops mushed-together. The programme has been crafted so that you can meet other facilitators, share ideas and build a tangible toolkit of resources to use in your workshops.


Next workshop to be confirmed


Next workshop to be confirmed


Members: $49.00 +GST per person
Non Members: $99.00 +GST per person (for our international friends, that's $113.85 NZD including taxes)

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