Designing Interactive Learning Activities

Do you facilitate workshops or training sessions and want to deliver key information in an interactive way?

Are you looking for fresh ways to introduce key principles and encourage meaningful discussions?

Would you like to develop interactive exercises that are bespoke to your workshop and content?

This 2 day workshop is a chance to explore metaphors, models, object lessons and interactive games with purpose. It is designed to help trainers and facilitators bring their sessions to life and get participants truly engaged in their own learning.

In this workshop, you will:

✅ Discover the power of metaphors and models to illustrate key principles.
Metaphors and models help turn the complex and intangible, into something simple and concrete. (Each method activates a different part of the brain, too.) Learn how to turn your key principles into metaphors and models that can be easily grasped by workshop participants.

✅ Learn how to use games and activities to spark meaningful discussions about your topic.
Icebreaker activities can be a little bit cringeworthy, but when you shape them up with purpose, they provide a great platform for learning. Discover how to create bespoke games and activities that allow participants to experience key principles in action.

✅ Build a toolkit of interactive exercises that you can adapt for your own sessions.
Interactive activities can be used in multiple different ways, depending on your topic and context. Gather a bunch of different exercises that you can adapt for your own setting and build a toolkit of go-to activities for making your workshops interactive and engaging.

This workshop is a hands-on exploration of ideas and activities. Be prepared to get creative and have a heap of fun along the way!


Next workshop to be confirmed


Next workshop to be confirmed


Members: $749.00 +GST
Non Members: $995.00 +GST


Brilliant. The people, the method, the sharing, the ideas, the leadership. This 2 days was just such a great way to get experiential into practice. Relevant, affirming, refreshing.

Pascale Hyboud-Peron

Think Agency

Bloody awesome workshop. So much collaboration from everyone in the room. I will be adding metaphors and more meaningful activities to my sessions.

Heidi Hasselmann

Independent Facilitator

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