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Room Set-Up for Workshops

We’ve all been in workshops with uncomfortable chairs, poor acoustics and terrible table set-up. Whether you can’t see the whiteboard or it’s difficult to hear other participants, poor room set-up can make a real impact on how well your workshop runs. There is no one-size-fits-all room set-up, however there are some things that need to […]

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5 Ways to Facilitate Large Group Introductions

When hosting a workshop with a small group, it’s easy to facilitate a quick introduction round which allows everyone to speak and get comfortable in the room. However, when you’re working with a large group, it can be more challenging to facilitate introductions in a meaningful way—especially if you have limited time. Remember, introductions are

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Encouraging Creative Thinking

Brainstorming, Idea Generation or Problem-Solving Jams. Whatever you call them, the theory is these sessions bring out the biggest, brightest and best ideas from a group. However, truly innovative thinking takes more than gathering some people and supplying them with post-it notes. If you want to generate truly creative ideas, you need to have a

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20 Icebreaker Questions

The purpose of an icebreaker is to help people feel comfortable sharing into the room. While interactive games and activities can help to break the ice, sometimes they can feel a bit like hitting an ice-cube with a hammer. For some people, traditional icebreakers make them feel less comfortable, not ore so. Used well, icebreaker

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