Facilitation Principles

Room Set-Up for Workshops

We’ve all been in workshops with uncomfortable chairs, poor acoustics and terrible table set-up. Whether you can’t see the whiteboard or it’s difficult to hear other participants, poor room set-up can make a real impact on how well your workshop runs. There is no one-size-fits-all room set-up, however there are some things that need to […]

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What is Facilitation?

The dictionary definition of facilitation is: “To make something easier or possible”. So, when we think about facilitation in the context of meetings or workshops, facilitation is about making it easier or possible for a group of people to discuss a topic and achieve an outcome. What that outcome is, will depend on the purpose

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Maintaining Energy and Engagement

No matter what kind of workshop you’re facilitating, maintaining energy levels is critical for maintaining engagement. If people feel physically or mentally tired, they’ll lose concentration and check-out. The simplest way to maintain energy levels is to keep the workshop—and workshop participants—moving. Use a range of different exercises and activities; change up group sizes and

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5 Principles of Facilitation

In its purest form, facilitation is about guiding a group of people through a conversation. In contrast to training, a facilitator focusses on process—not content. Facilitation is about asking great questions and allowing participants to decide on the answers. Facilitation shows up in various contexts and can be seen in situations such as Strategic Planning,

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